Q. What is normal?
A. “Normal” indicates balance, not deviating to extremes.

Q. How will I know when I’m finished with therapy?
A. Therapy is client-centered. When you have resolved the issues you came to therapy to discuss, you may be finished with therapy.

Q. How can I change my spouse?
A. We CAN NOT change other people. If we change, others can in reaction to us.

Q. Is forgiveness important?
A. Forgiveness is important. It allows you to be free of the burden of bitterness.

Q. Will my life ever get better?
A. That depends on you. Are you willing to invest the time to change communication styles and/or coping skills?

Q. Why do people take from me all the time?
A. Frequently people enjoying taking care of others. They give and give until they are burned out. When learning appropriate boundaries, you begin to establish and understanding of what is my part and what is someone else’s part.